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Our Blog Starts!

10/06/2018 04:35:00 PM
Our Blog Starts!

It's time not only to buy from us, but also to get more interesting information and news from the great world of 3D printing and also learn about the creation of unique products and gifts. That's why we have decided to launch our blog. Read us and invite others so they can know about it.

What is it about?

All the news we are interested in about 3D printing, which is on the one hand in the world, on the other hand, about our Manubim website. But we also look forward to your ideas about what you want to read.

We want to talk about the vicious technicians who want to hear about the latest printers and technologies.

To those who are more interested in things that bring excitement, we will write about the most interesting areas of 3D printing is used (fashion, car manufacturing, building industry, etc). For example, do you know what Adidas use 3D printing for? (Futurecraft 4D)

Or there’s a restaurant where meals are prepared with this technology?

3d printed shoes, Adidas
Futurecraft 4D

Of course, we would also like to deal with issues related to Manubim. In our blog you will always find the latest news, latest products, pictures, important information and information about current promotions. And of course we will share with you if you can read about us elsewhere. Please follow the site and share it with others so that our news should reach you the soonest.

And if you have an idea of something interesting you want to print, then:

write it to us and we will make it for you!

You can read more news here. For the latest news follow us on our Facebook page.

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