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Manubim Loyalty Program

We do appreciate your loyalty, so we want to reward you with our unique loyalty program.

From February 14, 2022, we will be launching our two-step loyalty program, so you can buy even cheaper your custom 3D printed product from us after that. Read the details here so you don’t miss out on anything

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Manubim Loyalty Program (hereinafter the "Loyalty Program" or "Program"). The program is subject to the General Terms and Conditions of manuBIMsoft Kft. (hereinafter: "manubim.com"), which is updated from time to time (hereinafter: "GTC"), which regulates the use of the manubim.com website.


Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Loyalty Program

There are two levels to the Loyalty Program. In the first stage, you can be a LOYAL member and in the second stage, you can be a VIP member.

Level I. - LOYALTY member

Loyalty Member

There are only two conditionsstrong> for participating in the Loyalty Program. Register on our site and subscribe to our newsletter.
You can participate in our loyalty program only by registering in our manubim.com webshop and subscribing to an active newsletter. You can set up a newsletter subscription in your account during registration.

Sign up and subscribe to the newsletter now >>

You do not need to purchase or pay to become a LOYAL member of the program.

Level II. - VIP member

VIP member

You can apply as a VIP member if you have already fulfilled the conditions of a LOYALTY member (registration, newsletter subscription), and on the other hand, you have already purchased a minimum gross value of HUF 50,000 (excluding delivery fee) from manubim.com webshop. VIP members receive an additional 10% discount on all purchases (no discount on delivery costs and discount products).

VIP membership is not automatic, you need to apply. We are waiting for your application at info@manubim.com. The email should contain your username. We will then process your application within 48 hours and notify you via email. The VIP membership and/or its conditions may be revoked or modified at any time by the operator of manubim.com without prior notice, of which e-mail notification will be sent.

How the Manubim Loyalty Program Works

If you participate in the loyalty program, we will credit you with a minimum of 1 loyalty point for every 100 HUF spent on products purchased in our webshop, but you can even earn more loyalty points for many of our other products. The value of 1 loyalty point is HUF 5. That is, for example, when you buy a product for HUF 10,000, you get 100 loyalty points, which will be worth HUF 500 on the next purchase. You can see the loyalty points for your purchase on the product page. Loyalty points will only be credited for orders already received and paid for.
There is no loyalty point for delivery costs.

Scope of the Loyalty Program

Participation in the loyalty program is voluntary and you can unsubscribe at any time. To cancel, log in to your account and click Delete Personal Information.
The Loyalty Program and all its contents (terms, benefits, etc.) may be revoked, modified, limited, or discontinued at any time at Manubim's sole discretion.





Thank you for honoring us with your loyalty and trust!

The Manubim team  heart