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Making custom coffee and cappuccino stencils

Making custom coffee and cappuccino stencils

Who would have thought but the interest in custom coffee or cappuccino stencil is growing quickly. Design a custom 3D printed stencil to start your morning with a sip of your favorite “refreshing drink” smiley. A cappuccino made with a unique cocoa or cinnamon spray expresses your individuality much better than stenciled stars, hearts, Christmas trees, and other mass-produced figures for millions

Whom do we recommend?

For anyone who likes these refreshing drinks or just making them for guests. For example, a coffee or cappuccino stencil with a unique inscription, the message can be a great surprise for adults to brighten up their boring weekdays. In the same way, we recommend cafes, pastry shops, or restaurants with their own logo stencils so that guests can remember even better where they sipped the most delicious coffee or so they can take a super photo for their Instagram post. Last but not least, we recommend cappuccino stencils with their unique logo to companies and businesses to make colleagues feel more and more committed or to make the boss notice the care even more. For companies, it can also be an ideal Christmas gift for employees or customers.

What model is worth creating?

With 3D printing, we can make almost any coffee decorating model but there are still a couple of rules to look out for. On the one hand, size is important here. Although a 90 mm diameter stencil is suitable for most cappuccino cups, before you dream of your own item, you may want to measure how big a mug you have. If you only need the model for your coffee cup size of 70 mm may be sufficient. If you want the text in the model, make sure the text is not too long. If the text is too long it means that the letters will be too small for the stencil to still work well, i.e. the cocoa powder is a legible pattern to the milk foam after spraying. The best approach is not to design a model with letters smaller than 8-10 mm - that is, text longer than 2-3 words will no longer be very readable. For companies, we mostly recommend displaying only their logo on the model, if the logo is suitable for this. Of course, you do not have to design exactly what you want enough if you just describe your idea to us and we design the 3D model for you.

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How to use it?

We’re not saying cocoa spraying is rocket science laugh, but it’s worth experimenting with how the model works best for you. Two things are worth paying attention to. On one hand, the stencil should not be too far from the milk foam (approx. 1 cm). On the other hand, the intensity of the cocoa spray should not be too strong either, i.e. try it with less cocoa first and if it does not give a sharp enough sample, try it with more. Keep the stencil stable while spraying and be firm.

What are these products made of and how?

These coffee and cappuccino stencils are individually produced with 3D printing and are made of bioplastic (PLA), which is an environmentally friendly plant-based, compostable material. Basically, 1.6 mm thick stencils are printed in 3D, which makes them flexible, but we can produce any thickness path. This plastic is heat resistant up to 55-60 C ° so it cannot be washed in the dishwasher, so please only wash it by hand with warm soapy water. And be sure to be careful not to put your custom product in an oven or microwave because it cannot stand the high temperature.

Finally a "recipe" of the fine cappuccino

And if you have already been honored with your trust and read this post all the way, then an idea of how to make a delicious cappuccino. First, froth the milk and pour it into the mug in the middle of the coffee. When the cup is about half full, we start to change the angle between the jug and the cup so that we can put the right amount of foam into the cup. Then a real professional barista can make various decorations for the surface of the cappuccino. This, of course, requires a lot of practice and dexterity, but we do not have to deal with it right now, which is why we created our unique stencil. A good cappuccino is made from equally one-third coffee, hot milk, and milk foam. The top of the milk foam can be decorated with chocolate sprinkles, brown sugar, cinnamon, or other spices. You can also melt chocolate in the coffee before adding milk.

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