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3D Printed Photo (lithophane)

The 3D photo is a really rare and unique gift. Capture the most beautiful moments with a special 3D printed gift. The 3D printed photo is based on the principle that the object transmits the light differently through the various thickness of white layers. Normally, the 3D image only looks like a white embossing, but when it is turned towards the light (i.e. backlit) for example placed in front of a lamp, the grayscale photo immediately appears. Where the print is thinner, the image will be lighter, where thicker, the photo will be darker there. This technique (lithophane) was originally used for thin porcelain plates in the early 1800s.

Custom 3D Printed Image - lithophane


At present, you can order a 3D photo, lithophane in the curved design, and three different sizes. Thanks to the curved shape, the product itself stops on any straight, horizontal surface. The 3D photo is made together with a smaller frame. The product is made of PLA (plastic) material with 3D printing. And if you want to order it in some other form or size, please feel free to write to us.

The process of ordering

Of course, we will need a photo of you to make the gift. After ordering, please send us an e-mail to info@manubim.com with the Order ID number (4-digit code) that you will find in the order confirmation email. The photo can be portrait or landscape too, it does not affect the price.

I want to order a 3D Photo

What photo should I send?

Actually, anything that is a nice memory for you. A special family moment, graduation, wedding or your favorite pet, vacation, etc. But if you scan an old family photo in good quality, then you can also send it to us. Don't worry, we will never use these photos in any form on our website or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.). If you want to display your 3D photo as a reference, you will be asked to give your consent by e-mail.

And if you want to know more about the world of lithophanes, you can read more about it here >>.

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Did you come up with ideas and want another model?

We have implemented many interesting concepts with 3D printing. We have already made Honda Civic Shaped Keychain, Fitness Step Pad Keychain, Owl Bookend, or HIP-HOP Penholder as well. You can order us from 1 piece (no minimum order quantity of hundreds of pieces) but we also make souvenirs for friends, school classes and smaller companies according to individual needs.

Write to us what 3D print is your demand!